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Welcome to ramen_shop! This is a Naruto-based community. If you do not know what Naruto is, then find out here. For the Community rules & guidelines, please go here.

The aim of this community is to interact amongst other Naruto lovers. Discuss the Manga/Anime, create icons or love bars. Just share the Naruto Love ^_^ If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Either reply to the rules/guidelines, or e-mail uney_malfoy at shinjitsu_shinobi@hotmail.com


Gaara's Eyes are Love

Kyuubi Love
Naruto is KyuubiDemon Love!!!

Sasuke Is Dangerous Love <3

Uchiha Sasuke is Angsty Love

Uchiha Itachi is Killer Love

Show-offy, hyperactive, number-one loudest ninja Naruto is Love

The Temptation no Jutsu is ♥

What it means to be Hokage. Entrusting a promise to the Sixth.

Gaara is Love. No really, look at his forehead...