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The Plain White Rabbit...

Kabuto's betrayal of Orochimaru? Right, so in the most recent Naruto chapter, after finding out that the Akatsuki spy of Orochimaru is Kabuto, there are various confusing factors. One of which is Kabuto himself being a spy... also, it seems Kabuto also realizes that he's either been 'caught out' or Oro is just watching him... the whole 'plain white rabbit' thing, well, it's like you can derive different meanings from that simple phrase, lol. Perhaps it's just my brain working over-time with the excessive time that is given to me *sigh* but anyway, also... the whole "He Saw...!" bit... is it just that Oro saw Kabuto? or Kabuto saw Oro? Or both? Lol. Well I know that it's with Oro seeing Kabuto, because of the rest of it.. "..and he's smiling...! The end of the treason?" Perhaps Kabuto is just doing Oro's wishes? Or perhaps Oro already knew and was affirming his suspicions? OMFG I'm dieing for the next chapter to come out!!! *sigh*
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