December 14th, 2005

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Naruto Talk

Yeah! Just thought I'd make a little post about how much I love Naruto. Lol, you may as well discuss that here if you want, or make your own post. Either way, I was bored and decided to type up the lyrics to "Rocks" (The First Naruto theme).

LyricsCollapse )

...anyhow, lol, I suppose I could type up the ending theme [Wind], but can't be bothered at the moment ^_~ So, what got you hooked onto Naruto in the first place? The characters? The story? The manga or anime? lol. As for me, I came into it all accidentally *sigh* I was downloading Wolf's Rain (which I still haven't watched any way) and it ended up being Naruto! I'm like, "wtf?" but watched it anyway.. totally awesome, got hooked straight away. It's just plain awesome XD

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