Gaara of the Desert (gaaraof_thesand) wrote in ramen_shop,
Gaara of the Desert

The Latest Manga

So I take it you've read the latest of the Naruto Manga? Chapter 287:Untitled
What did you think of it? Any theories? Any likes or dislikes? In simple terms: I hate Sai. I don't like the new ANBU guy that's taken over Kakashi's place. Actually, the two new guys look similar.
If you haven't read it, you may download it here, along with the other chapters/volumes of the Naruto Manga.
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omfg! I hate SAI!!! *glares* grrr! He's such an ass, and awww, Naruto's seriously growing up *sigh*</font.
*stabs Sai in the face and lights his paintings on Fire*

Die Sai. Die.

*hugs naruto steals him and runs*
lmao! Well one thing's for sure, there's going to be a sad tale about Sai's brother's book of drawings *sigh* it's a little obvious *rolls eyes* (will chastise myself later if my hunches are incorrect XP)
of course! every person has some sad sad story behind them. especially sai. he has "no feelings" but cough. he's just bottled them up *cough* unless he's an alien

*UFO whizzes by* yea. i think he's an alien

*will crucify self if wrong*
...*gets the cross and nails ready* XP lol. But he's ANBU, right? *sigh* I'm slow...
yea... anbu... i don't think he's cool enough to be an anbu. where the hell was sigh sai during the whole other part of this manga? he must've gone through the ninja ranks at a really young age to be an anbu already.

that doesn't mean i like this penis-obsessed freak. i mean... he's hitting on naruto... my naruto. *stabs sai*
but he reminds me of Itachi... he got to ANBU at a really young age o_O lmao! Yaoi love XD *sigh* Sai is just.. weird... even his face is like.. plastic? o_O
LMAO. his face and yamato's freak me out. They're like not real. they really are plasticky looking. but yamato's eyes freak me out the most -_-
..yeah, it's also sorta um.. weird.. how he knows the first's supposedly secret technique (you know the wood thing... actually when Oro brought the first and second back, the first used the wood thing against the third) *sigh*